Monday, October 09, 2017

Strawdogs –I’m Ready -Obscure 70s Texas Hard Rock

Strawdogs –I’m Ready/ Heartless Woman –Friendship FS-I (197? US)

Strawdogs or Straw Dogs were a local San Antonio (TX) band who are on record as being the last band appearing at the Teen Canteen  in 1977. Not much else is obvious to find, but as is often the case, these posts sometimes help to uncover the facts...

Both sides are sturdy examples of 70s US Hard Rock, caught between the garage and the bar room with a guitarist who had a fine line in greasy chops and sinuous lead breaks.As with the label which works both ways, both tracks are good so you can come at it from any angle…pass the salsa please

Hear a full version of I’m Ready

Hear a full version of Heartless Woman

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Anonymous said...

The guitarist on this 45 is David Alcocer who is best known for his membership of Heyoka, a Texan band who released (at least) three 45s in the late '70s, but who formed around 1970. They supported the likes of Van Halen, Mahogany Rush, Budgie, Rush, Ted Nugent, Be Bop Deluxe, Judas Priest, Golden Earring etc & finally had an archival anthology album, 'Spirit Of Revelation', released by ShroomAngel Records in 2012.
Alcocer also played in Junior Jesse & The Teardrops, Zapata & Sangria Black and i'm sure he plays with Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos sometimes too.
Hope this info is of interest.
You can find David on fb, and i'm sure he'd be happy to clue you in should you want to know more Strawdogs.